item was sent for review Hello there my lovely readers! It is a new year and I am sorry I have  been MIA. It is because have broken...

BornPrettyStore 3D Nail Art Sticker Review + Nail Art Tutorial

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item was sent for review

Hello there my lovely readers!

It is a new year and I am sorry I have  been MIA. It is because have broken two nails and I have been nourishing my cuticles and giving my nails some good break time over the holidays.

So, I am back with nail art PLUS a review of nail art stickers which I was sent. There are a wide variety of designs in this sheet. Today I am only showing you two themes that I used.

I will be using the ones with many eyes, a very trendy design that I have seen on costumes, fashion and nail art. Also, I used the star sticker as seen in the second image.

I was looking at these two designs for quite some time and tried to think up of a design. I finally settled on a more bold look - negative space manicures. I have frankly not tried this area of nail art much before and so here is what came up with.

I must say that this turned out better than what I thought! So, here is a tutorial specially for you! 

Step 1: Apply base coat, let dry. Gently peel off the stickers using tweezers from the plastic and place the eyes near the cuticle and at the center while placing the big star at the middle of your ring finger.

Step 2: Using a fine brush, draw a black line using black polish (I used a-Enland - Camelot) that goes along the bottom part of your visible nail line.

Step 3: Fill in with black polish to the tip of the nail

Step 4: Above the sticker, draw a thin sketchy line

Step 5: Thicken the line by adding more line space above, but not too much

Step 6: Using the smallest dotting tool you can find, dot on a curved row of dots following the curve of your top and bottom black archs

Step 7: On the ring finger, outline your nail with black polish carefully and create the borders with similar thickness.

Step 8: Seal in your stickers and designs with a top coat (I used Glisten & Glow's HK Girl Top Coat)

A very simple and easy manicure can be done with the help of stickers! I do recommend beginners to use stickers and add a few lines and dots to spice up the design.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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