Hi there again fellow reader! Now, you have already seen the swatches to the  first three polishes from the OPI Coca-cola Travel Exclu...

OPI Coca-Cola Travel Exclusive Collection (Part 2) - Coca-Cola Red, Get Cherried Away, Today I Accomplished Zero Swatch and Review

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Hi there again fellow reader!

Now, you have already seen the swatches to the first three polishes from the OPI Coca-cola Travel Exclusive mini collection. Here is the second half of it! 

Coca-Cola Red is a super duper uber bright vibrant straight out red. Basically the iconic Coca-Cola red as the name speaks for itself. This polish has absolute awesome formula. One coat is 90% opaque, you could get away with one careful coat but two does the best job. Here is two coats with G&G HK Girl top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

Coca-Cola red reminds me of two things; Christmas and Singapore Airline's Stewardess' iconic red nails.

(Outdoors in shade)

Get Cherried Away is a deep royal-purple plum shade which is so special because I do not own many purple toned polishes. This shade is very very winter appropriate! The formula of GCA is perfect, an ease to apply.

On the first coat there was som visible nail line (VNL) however the second coat covered all up well. Under some lighting you could see more purple undertones while in others it looks like a deep maroon with more red showing. Swatches are in two coats with G&G HK Girl top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

GCA is a really interesting color to me and it reminds me of red wine HAHA! Besides that, the clean up around the cuticles for this polish is (I must admit) very hard. Reds and purples are known to be hard for clean ups and to add on this polish is on the darker toned side which makes it harder!

Nonetheless, I still find this polish making me feel sophisticated with its rich color.

(Outdoors in shade)

Moving on to the last polish from this mini travel exclusive collection, is the one and only glitter polish. I must say that it is the only polish I was looking forward to! So, without any further ado let's get into it!

Today I Accomplished Zero is an glitter polish with a black base packed with ruby rich red 
tiny and small hexagon pieces.

The first coat of polished made me very worried. The black base was so sheer I almost thought it would be a 4 - 5 coater. Luckily, it is opaque in 3 coats! Hence swatches to come are in three coats with G&G HK Girl top coat.

I must say that TIAZ is a very special and different kind of glitter polish. The red glitter is bright however not the overly bling type, which matches well with the dark black base. Really do like this combination.

(Under artificial lighting)

I have actually used this polish once prior to swatching in my Halloween nail art and in that manicure, I used it over a black base and another glitter polish. I was more pleased when swatching to find out that it could be used without a black base color first. I think it is better on it's own as the red glitter will be more dense as compared to layering one coat over black.

(Outdoors in shade)

Well, of course glitters do not just go off my post without a macro *winks* So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the macro shot!!

(Outdoors in shade)

Overall, I do like this collection quite a lot as there are more unusual colors compared to my usual blues. I might just have a slightly more liking for reds already LOL! What do you think of them? Let me know on my social networks below :)

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