Hello guys~ Adding on to my oh-so plain (but really pretty) swatch of OPI - Barre My Soul , I have STAMPING . I ordered this stamping plat...

Floral & Nude - first successful stamping

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Hello guys~

Adding on to my oh-so plain (but really pretty) swatch of OPI - Barre My Soul, I have STAMPING. I ordered this stamping plate from BornPrettyStore  (BPS). This online store as mentioned, has free worldwide shipping and has an extensive range of nail art related goodies.

This plate is QA61 and has pretty floral patterns. I decided to add on two designs on my accent fingers. The ring finger was not so perfect... but oh boy, you guys have to take a closer look at my thumb! See how perfect and clean the design came off? This is such a motivation!

A close up shot of my beautiful thumb HAHA! It was probably luck that it came out so so so cleanly :)

This is the plate, QA61 together with the stamper and scraper set that I also bought from BPS.  Stamping really needs a ton of patience, and I am not even kidding. It is really frustrating when you can't pick up a clear image and you have to clean all three tools with remover and start over. But then again, practice makes perfect!

For this stamping mani, I used a normal nail polish, not the special polish used for stamping. I did a trail run using Catrice Will You Berry Me?! and it turned out fine to use for stamping. I have read that not all normal nail polishes can be used for stamping, so do try them out before starting!

What I really love about the design is that it covers my entire thumb! As seen on the close up shot above, it really does the job! 

Look at how pretty the floral design patterns~~

 Despite my oh-so perfect thumb... My right hand was a disaster. As seen on the ring finger, I picked up the excess polish too and hence you can see it quite evidently. For my thumb, there was a smudge too :( Probably because I was stamping with my left hand, which I hadn't tried before.

Thanks for reading! ^^

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