Hello dearest readers! As soon as my Nail Envy were off, I just had to paint my nails (but not all of them)!! This is one of my untrie...

Polish Me To Go - Mango Mania Swatch and Review

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Hello dearest readers!

As soon as my Nail Envy were off, I just had to paint my nails (but not all of them)!! This is one of my untrieds, mainly because when I first receive them from BeautySoFly, and opened the bottle, there were some sticky product at the brush and I felt dissapointed. Also to add on, at that time I was busy with my hectic life and it slipped my mind.

Anyway, I decided to do a three-fingered swatch as mentioned in my instagram post. Mango Mania is a glow-in-the-dark polish and is the very first one I own! Let's get started with the bottle shots!

I realised that there are some sticky stuff at the bottom of the bottle as mentioned, and realised that was the substance that makes the polish glow. I tried rolling the bottle in my hands, shaking it but to no avail. I had to find a wooden chopstick and stirred up the substance in order for the ball bearings to move and shake the polish well.

I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth & Strong basecoat, two coats of Mango Mania and one coat of G&G HK Girl topcoat.  This totally reminds me of mango sorbet HAHA

The application was manageable and the coverage was good. Mango Mania dries to a slight textured finish. If you're really particular about that I would suggest two coats of your topcoat. This orange slightly leaning towards yellow, is really bright and  it matches my skin tone well (major plus point)

And now... The most amusing, interesting and exciting part of Mango Mania - GLOW! Please note that this swatch was taken after 'charging' my nails directly under the lamp for quite a while before taking this picture.

Mango Mania is a brighter yellow when it glows in the dark!! I was super excited and fascinated, you guys have no idea man! I am truly amazed at how it glows and I was staring at my three musketeers when I was lying in bed in the complete pitch darkness.

Here are some more pictures that shows the polish in artificial lighting and in the dark. The first time I tried to capture the GITD effect, I failed terribly. It was late last night and I had to sleep. So this morning I did my research and found out useful tips form Will Paint Nails For Food's Beginning Blogger's Bootcamp post. They were really helpful and I also had fun playing with the manual settings of my DSLR. 

This swatch had been completely fun! I totally love glow-in-the-dark polishes *drools* Here is my swatch video! It has been a really looooooong time since I last did a video :P Oooooops!

P.S. *BONUS IMAGE* This was how it looks like when I'm 'charging' up Mango Mania for the glow-in-the-dark swatches ^^ (sorry for the blurry image, I took this with my phone)

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