polishes were sent for review Well hello there, surprise surprise! There's more of Chloe and Bella polishes for you! Today I am in...

Chloe and Bella The Basics Trio - Black Out, White Out, Crystal Clear Top Coat Swatch and Review

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polishes were sent for review

Well hello there, surprise surprise! There's more of Chloe and Bella polishes for you! Today I am introducing to you The Basics Trio. This set includes a black and white polish plus a top coat. I was quite excited to try them as blacks and whites are the staple (hence the name basics) of nail polish enthusiasts.

However though these two colors are the staple, there are not many great ones out there. So let me show you how they performed *winks*

First, let's start off with Black Out. This is what I call a one-coater, A+ bottle of black polish. If I ever describe a polish in the first sentence with something good, that means the polish is really that good.

Black out has a slightly jelly formula which was rather interesting, however not like normal jelly-like polishes with patching or sheer formula. I can say that Black Out's formula is beyond astounding. It applied so well I myself could not believe it.

What you see in the swatch is ONE coat of black out with Crystal Clear, the top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

As you can see in the swatch outdoors, Crystal Clear top coat has enabled my nails to see the reflection of my apartment. Look at the level of glossiness right there. Even under artificial lighting (above) you can see my lamp very clearly.

(Outdoors in shade)

White Out is a pure white, which is again a one-coater, A+ polish just like Black Out. The only difference was that it has a classic creme formula.

The application was butterly smooth and was such an ease! The opacity is needless to say since the swatch is again one coat with Crystal Clear top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

This polish is so opaque that I was half expecting a visible nail line (VNL) under sunlight, but I was completely wrong. No signs of VNL at all!

(Outdoors under sunlight)

Moving on to the Crystal Clear top coat. On Chloe and Bella's website it states that:

"Crystal Clear Top Coat is just that, a completely clear and super-shiny top coat that will properly finish off your nail polish application. While not technically a 'fast dry' top coat, Crystal Clear is on the thin side, which aids to speed up the dry time to make it faster drying than many other top coats."

As mentioned, it is not a fast drying top coat, but yes it really does give that shine (pictures are the evidence!!).  My mani was dry to the touch at 20 minutes and that is not a bad timing! Allowing for a longer period of time would be the best.

This trio set has really got me astounded and I am very impressed with the polishes. You guys should really get this set!!

Chloe and Bella ships worldwide and is 5-free (that means no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde,Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor)

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