polishes were sent for review Hello again! As I have promised you, here is the second part of Chloe and Bella's  new 2014 Autumn Bo...

Chloe and Bella 2014 Autumn Bouquet (Part 2) - Strawflower, Ranunculus, Brown Pansy Swatch and Review

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polishes were sent for review

Hello again! As I have promised you, here is the second part of Chloe and Bella's new 2014 Autumn Bouquet collection. Let's cut the chase and get right into the post!

Firstly I have STRAWFLOWER.

(L: Under direct sunlight, R: Under artificial lighting)

Strawflower is the only polish that is not a clear based glitter polish in this collection, which I found quite interesting. It has this orangey-red shimmery base that reminds me of a smash of strawberry and tomato HAHA!

The base definitely needs a minimum of two coats for it to be opaque (as you can see below). Moving on to the glitters, there are an abundance of holographic medium and small sized hex orange glitters. There are also a few square yellow glitters and gold-bronze star shaped glitter pieces. 

Below are one, two and three coats respectively.

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

Strawflower has a thicker formula as compared to the other polishes in the collection. Application was hence slighty tougher but nothing unmanageable (: I think that a good amount of top coat would be needed as the surface might be a bit rough from the glitters.

To make the base pop a little, I applied Sally Hansen - Fired up as an orange creme base and then one coat of Strawflower. The, to show you the base of Straflower I applied one coat over a black a-England - Camelot. Swatch is without any top coat.

Next up is RANUNCULUS.

(L: Under direct sunlight, R: Under artificial lighting)

Ranunculus is a clear based glitter topper. This is my favorite of the entire collection. Ranunculus has super tiny black and orange glitters (too small to identify the shape LOL). There are bright orange, dark blue and purple medium sized hex glitters. The orange glitters just shines exceptionally bright and is very eye-catching.

Generally I do love the entire color combination because it did give me more Autumn feels as compared to the other polishes. Below is one, two and three coats without any top coat.

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

The formula for Ranunculus is (I feel) the best out of the entire collection too. It is not goopy at all, I can even say the formula is thin - which is really awesome for a glitter polish.

I paired Ranunculus with a bright yellow base, OPI - I Can't Cope-acabana and a dusted grey creme base Kure Bazaar - Hipster. The swatch is in one good coat without any top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

(Outdoors under sunlight)

Lastly, it is BROWN PANSY.

(L: Under direct sunlight, R: Under artificial lighting)

Brown Pansy is another clear based glitter topper. It has yellow micro glitters and unique tiny red square glitters. There are also small brown hex glitter along with medium sized purple and blue hex glitters. 

Adding on to the glitter bomb, there are short, tiny black bar glitters. Adding a bit of brights, there are medium sized yellow square glitters too.

Below is one, two and three coats of Brown Pansy on the nail itself (without top coat)

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

As the name suggests, I went with a brown shade - nude as the base color I used Catrice - My Cafe Au Lait At Notre -Dame. I tried to bring out a bit of life of the brown toned glitters and added a bright green creme base using Barry M - Spring Green. Swatches are in one coat without topcoat.

(Under artificial lighting)

I exceptionally love the small red squares which are really cute and bright!

(Outdoors under sunlight)

We have come to the end of this Autumn collection. Do share your thoughts with me on Instagram! Oh, and click HERE to read Part 1 of the collection!

Chloe and Bella ships worldwide and is 5-free (that means no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde,Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor)

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