polish was sent for review Hi there readers! Amid the many nail art going on, here's a break from that and time for some swatches...

Chloe and Bella - Azure Swatch and Review

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polish was sent for review
Hi there readers!

Amid the many nail art going on, here's a break from that and time for some swatches! I was sent a few Chloe and Bella polishes and was really excited to try them out :D This brand will not be a surprise to you as I had tried a lot of Barbara's polishes and I do love them.

Today, I will be sharing with you this beautiful polsh, Azure

Azure is a really interesting polish. It has a milky blue with a tinge of gray base. What is even more interesting is that there are pretty little shimmers in purple, pink and blue, they are really so pretty. Look at the macro bottle shot!!

(Under artificial lighting)

(Under artificial lighting)

As I was applying the polish, I felt that the formula was good, like it flowed nicely on the nail. However its opacity is sheer, so a build up is definitely needed. In these swatches I did three coats because I wanted the intensity of the polish to show off. Swatches are topped off with Glisten & Glow's HK Girl top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

I find that Azure leans more gray on my skin tone than more blue that I hoped for. Nonetheless, I very much like the grey-blue color, which I feel is my next fave color to blues LOL.

(Under artificial lighting)

The shimmer is really really subtle. I had to bring my nails real close to my eyes to see the color shift. This may be a plus or minus point, depending on you. If you enjoy subtle not-over-the-top shimmers this is definitely the soft look for you. But if you enjoy in-the-face sparkly color shift then I might direct you to two other polishes from the same brand (link to come!).

(Under sunlight)

And again, here is the last picture I saved for you hehe! I felt that this macro shot captured the flakie-shimmer in action. You could clearly see the purples and blues in this one!

(Under sunlight)

Chloe and Bella ships worldwide and the packaging is really compact you don't have to worry about bottles breaking at all! Let me know what you think of this polish, yay or nay?

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  1. Aha! I love hidden shimmers...and this one works so well!

    1. Yes indeed! The right amount of subtleness I must admit :P