Hi there reader! I recently splurged a good $10 on TEN STAMPING PLATES from BornPrettyStore.com. I just felt that a dollar for one p...

A Colorful Forest with Reverse Stamping Nail Art

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Hi there reader!

I recently splurged a good $10 on TEN STAMPING PLATES from BornPrettyStore.com. I just felt that a dollar for one plate, with at least four desings was just a such a good buy. Plus, I am recently into stamping and building my confidence in this area of technique!

Let's start off by showing you the mani that I created :D

This post would include pictures of the things I used for this mani, so stay on!

For the stamping, I used Konad special black stamping polish and a stamper from BornPrettyStore which I got last year when I decided to venture into stamping. I also used an unused, old plastic card (not pictured) to scrape off the access polish.

The star plates for today are BP 54 and BP 48 as seen above. I pointed out the two designs that I used for my nail art. When I received my package and took a look at all the designs, I was really pleased with all of them. I can't wait to try out ALL the designs! There's just so so so many hehe!

So, I decided to try reverse stamping for my accent design (BP48). After transferring the image to the stamper, I carefully used my smallest dotting tool and a teeny tiny brush to add on color to the image. I then layered one coat of NCLA - Lightyears Ahead over the reverse stamping design.

Moving on to the polishes used~

For the leafy design, I painted a white base and then I blobbed on Barry M Spring Green (vibrant green) and Barry M - Waikiki (wasabi green) onto my nail and using a cling wrap, I mixed the two colors by lightly dabbing it. I repeated this a few times so that the colors could build up nicely.

As for the accent nail, I painted on one coat of NCLA - Lightyears Ahead. I only did one coat as I already painted one coat over my reverse stamping. I then placed the reverse stamping decal on my accent nail.

For the accent nail, I used these four polishes above. From left to right: F.U.N. Lacquer - Secret. Orly - Beach Cruiser, Kure Bazaar - Turkoise & Orly - Melt Your Popsicle. 

As I was admiring my rather successful stamping nail art, I decided to do a humble macro shot of it! I know that this would magnify flaws on the nail, but to me it does not matter because imperfections are not shameful! I definitely learned to let my stamping dry more before applying top coat. Look at the drag, oh dear!

Nontheless, I am very pleased and enjoyed this process of stamping. I can see myself more into stamping sooner or later LOL. I think I have spent this $10 well already HAHA! 

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