Hello sparkly reader! Today I have for you a new-to-me indie brand, Scofflaw . I bought I Am The Narwhal from MeiMeiSignatures , an onl...

Scofflaw - I Am The Narwhal Swatch and Review

19:00 Karise Tan 2 Comments

Hello sparkly reader!

Today I have for you a new-to-me indie brand, Scofflaw. I bought I Am The Narwhal from MeiMeiSignatures, an online indie and mainstream polish distributor based in my sunny country land of Singapore.

I was drawn into this polish mainly because of two things; blue and gray. I think this is my latest fave colours in combination. Maybe I should venture more nail art in these colours! Anyway, here is a humble macro bottle shot.

For a clearer look at the glitters, see the images below all taken under artificial lighting.

Swatches are in two coats with Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat. The formula and application was excellent, the glitters are amazing because of its density in the polish. Most of all I love the grey-white and blue glitter combo together with the shimmery dusty blue base. I'M IN LOVE.

Of course not forgetting the macro shot... ta-da!! Take a moment to enjoy the complexity yet subtleness of the glitters and the super micro fine dark gray glitters that is not visible to the naked eye (which I thought contributes to the blue-gray base color). 

Oh, the glorious bright teal small square glitters... *gasps* So lovely I just can't even handle it. Excuse my fangirling over a polish and it's glitter, I'm just amazed at the combination of everything!

I definitely give this a 5/5 stars (Y) What do you think? How many stars are you gonna give this little babe?

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  1. How pretty is this. I see why you gave it a 5/5. Just Wonderful

    1. Yaaas, perfect formula, coverage, colors... EVERYTHING!!