Hello my fellow readers! I have for you an amazing glitter bomb from an indie nail polish brand, Different Dimension. DD is a very popu...

Different Dimension - (Blue) Da Ba Dee Swatch and Review

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Hello my fellow readers!

I have for you an amazing glitter bomb from an indie nail polish brand, Different Dimension. DD is a very popular indie brand, known for it's glitter. I got this from a fellow Singaporean nail blogger destash page at a reasonable price (much, much lower than RTP). 

Anyway, today I have (blue) Da Ba Dee. Let me start off by saying that the bottle shots made me drool already. Just look for yourselves, ladies.

Da Ba Dee contains holographic small hexagon glitters that shows red, green, blue and pink. There are two types of circle glitters. One that is silver and is smaller while another bigger one that is in this bright blue. I love love looooove the circle glitters. Just look at the macro shot below!

I must admit that I have not own any glitter polishes with round circle glitters in it. I have those usual hexagons ones only. Hence, Ba Da Bee really intrigued me because of those unique big circle glitters.What I love most is that the glitter is everywhere, no fishing at all. You can see in my swatch video (at the end of this post) that before applying, I wiped one side of the brush completely and still applies glitter well!

Moving on to the pictures...

This is the first coat (without top coat). What I've done is paint my pointer and ring finger with a black base (Sinful Colors Black on Black) and then one coat of Da Ba Dee. And on my middle and pinky finger it is plainly one coat over my nail. As you can see, the middle and pinky swatches look rather sheer. However, that wouldn't be a problem cause you have coat number two ;)

And here is two coats with G&G HK Girl top coat! Below is a close up shot of the glitter madness. Please excuse the dry cuticles :P Anyway, look at that big fat blue circle glitter on my pointer finger *drooooools* I don't know if I like the one with a black base or just on its own. I like both but it feels that the glitter are much easier to be seen on its own (at least how I feel).

Now... oh mama, look at this one right here.This was taken outside my window ledge in the morning with some sunlight (but not enough to show you the bling-ness). Somehow the smaller hexagon glitters remind me of bubbles underwater!

 (outdoors, in the shade)

For this next picture, please do me a favor and just star at my ring finger. 

You're welcome ;)

(under artificial lighting)

For Da Ba Dee you can see in the video below that I did use the dabbing motion to apply the polish and place the glitter more strategically to make it look pleasing *winks* LOL All  I have to say is that I give this a five out of five stars. There you go, that's my verdict!

And...... here's Different Dimension Da Ba Dee swatch video! (P.S. I made a swatch video playlist on my channel, go check them all out!)

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