Polish was sent for review Hey there! I have for you an indie nail polish brand from The Netherlands, called Ms Sparkle Dutch Polis...

Ms Sparkle - Lady Violet Swatch and Review

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Polish was sent for review

Hey there! I have for you an indie nail polish brand from The Netherlands, called Ms Sparkle Dutch Polish N Supplies. The owner, Simone (Ms Sparkle) agreed to send me two of her polishes that I chose to swatch and review. Today, I am reviewing Lady Violet from the Cocktail Collection (stay tuned for the second polish). Let's get starteddddd!

First off, some yummy bottle shots! I was worried there wasn't any sun because it rained in the morning, but luckily there are sunlight shots for Lady Violet! 

As you can see below, Lady Violet (LV) is a glitter topper that includes small white (or a very pale lilac) bars, bright tiny teal hexagons, dark but rich tiny hexagons and the most unique of all... "mauve" hexagons. Also, to add a twist, there are bright silver glitter stars too (see if you can spot them below)!

(Left: under artificial lighting || Right: under sunlight)

Give some applause people! I love love loveeee the color combo! And it makes me so happy just  looking at the bottle LOL :D To wow you guys more, let's move on to the swatches!

Things to note:

  • Pointer and pinky finger - two coats (LV) + top coat (G&G HK Girl)
  • Middle finger - two coats (Flormar 423) + two coats (LV) + top coat (G&G HK Girl)
  • Ring finger - one coat (A England Camelot) + two coats (LV) + top coat (G&G HK Girl)
Flormar 423 is a baby blue and I thought a light color could bring out the glitters better, and it did. The mauve hexagons are really showing up well against the baby blue. They compliment each other well cause they're both soft colors.

A England's Camelot is a straight out black. I wanted to go for the whole glitter over black thing and it did bring the glitters to life! I think I like the black base better, but who knows, some other color might work well for Lady Violet (:

(Under artificial lighting)

(Under sunlight)

I was given the mini bottle and was worried that glitter toppers might be harder to work with using the smaller brush. However, I was mistaken. The brush was easy to use and the application was good.

Like most glitter toppers, it requires to be dabbed in order to place the glitters more nicely. The best part is that there's no need to fish for glitters! Just swipe one side clean and slightly touch the other side on the sides of the bottle neck and you're good to polish!

Below are some close up shots. Please forgive my photography... I do not own a macro lens and these are just cropped out to show you guys a closer shot (:

(Under artificial lighting)

(Under artificial lighting)

And here, I chose two pictures that perfectly (or at least I feel is perfect) focus on a nail and I cropped it out for you guys to drop your jaws ;)

(Under sunlight)

Oh, see this glowy, sparkly glitter? Lovely. As you can see below, there are some bubbles formed due to my top coat. However, to be honest it does not show up in real life. After zooming in this picture then I realised there were bubbles, but I honestly couldn't see it on the nail. So, no worries ladies!

(Under sunlight)

Ms Sparkle polishare are 5-free! They do not contain DPB, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene and Camphor. Simone's polishes are cruelty-free, vegan and EU-Certified. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the second polish to be reviewed *winks*

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