Product was sent for review Hello all! Today I have another BornPrettyStore review! As mentioned in previous reviews ( here & he...

BornPrettyStore Rectangle Studs Review + Nail Art Tutorial

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Product was sent for review

Hello all!

Today I have another BornPrettyStore review! As mentioned in previous reviews (here & here) BPS provides an array of nail art essentials for you with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Now, I present to you this 12-colored rectangle rhinestones/studs!

Initially I was afraid that the rectangles are gonna be too big, but no, I can manage four studs down the middle of my nail (except thumb). There are a ton of studs here and the best part is that you could re-use them! I tried lightly wiping with a polish remover to get rid of the top coat and I could easily remove them without destroying it. So, reuse of studs = PLUS POINT(Y)!

Also, there are 12 colors for you. TWELVE. Do you want me to name them? Okay I will. Yellow, light pink, royal purple, light blue, gold, red, light green, black, dark green, magenta, royal blue and silver (as shown below in sequence).

 Now moving on to the nail art that I came up with for this review!

Basically for this manicure, I made use of the rectangle studs and aligned them vertically to show a change of pattern. Read below for the step-by-step how-to for this look!

  1. Paint all nails with a base color and apply top coat. Let dry.
  2. Pointer & Middle: Place chevron stickers and apply second color. Remove sticker using tweezers IMMEDIATELY after application.
  3. Pointer & Middle: Touch up mistakes and ooopsies by using a small brush with the base color and cover up. Let dry. Apply topcoat.
  4. Ring: Get tape and remove stickiness by placing several times on your hand. Tape off half of your nail vertically. Place chevron stickers and apply second color as per point 2.
  5. Ring: Draw a thick line next to the chevron you created. Let dry. 
  6. Ring: Apply topcoat. Quickly place the light pink rectangle stud vertically down your nail. Let dry. Apply topcoat again.
  7. Pinky: Using a nail art liner brush, draw two thick stripes across the entire nail. Let dry. Apply topcoat.
What I used:
  1. Base Coat: Sally Hansen Smooth and Strong
  2. Base Color: Revlon Apricot Nectar
  3. Second Color: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  4. Top Coat: Glisten & Glow's HK Girl 
  5. Chevron stickers from  (reviewed here)
  6. Tweezers

Hmmmmm... Not a fan of words? Or maybe you can't understand my steps above? FRET NOT! I have a YouTube video tutorial on how you can recreate this manicure!!!

Before ending this post, let me do a conclusion about this product. You get to be really creative and really do any crazy design you want! I have been thinking of doing a whole nail just with the rhinestons :P But we'll see about that in the future!

For 12 colors and so so many in one for US$3.75 to spice up your manicure is a good deal. Besides, you get free shipping. Oh, plus you can also get a 10% discount code from ME!

Yes, simply use my code "LSTX31" upon checkout to get this discount!

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