Hi everyone! Today I have yet another swatch anddddd it is my very first GLAM POLISH in the shade Out of this World! I got mine from a loc...

Glam Polish - Out of this World Swatch and Review

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Hi everyone! Today I have yet another swatch anddddd it is my very first GLAM POLISH in the shade Out of this World! I got mine from a local Singapore online indie retailer, MeiMeiSignatures. Let me say that I have been hesitating to buy this particular polish for months. I was like yes, no, yes, no, control. Howeverrrr, when MeiMei posted on Instagram saying that stocks were running low, I just had to grab it before it is too late!

Moving on, here is the bottle shot! This bottle is really amazing. As you can see clearer in the indoor shot, the tiny blue shimmer is really amazing. And then there are these somewhat grey-ish with a touch of purple hexagon glitters. Wait, there's more! Tiny tiny bits of glitter which shows magenta and purple in different lighting, perfect.

(Left: under artificial light, Right: indirect sunlight)

All swatches are with one thin coat (no dabbbing) and a second thick coat (with dabbing), all sealed with G&G HK Girl top coat.

The application was really easy. The first coat was bound to be sheer and by the second coat, it was all done! If you are not careful you might create bald spots, so just be sure it's perfect or go for a third coat. The formula is amazing, not thick or anything, reminds me of a glitter topper, Cleo - Paws By Eddie.  The brush was really good too!

(Under artificial lighting)

(Under artificial lighting)

As you can see in the close up shot above, this polish is really out of this world. Like there's so many things going on I can't really explain. The base color is more of a dusted blue with a hint of soft grey and adding on, there are these subtle turquoise shimmer that is so so so sooooooo bueatiful. It is subtle yet elegantly visible! I hope you get what I mean hahaha! That is my favorite element of this polish.

The second favorite thing I love about OOTW  is the grey-toned purple hexagon glitters. It's intriguing. It's so soft and adding on the base color somehow flows very slightly over it giving the yogurt nails effect. It just blows my mind how soft and pretty it is *spazzing*. I love all of Out of this World!!!  

(Under indirect sunlight)

(Under indirect sunlight)

(Under indirect sunlight)

Since I mentioned that OOTW reminds me of smoothies and robin eggs, I created this little collage for your enjoyment, you're welcome *winks*

(Blueberry smoothie: weheartit & Robin eggs: ibc.lynxeds.com)

In conclusion, I am very very happy to have finally made this purchase after months of hesitation. I truly am very pleased with this polish and I just love it so much ^^

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