polishes were sent for review Hi there! Today I am sharing with you a relatively new collection from Chloe and Bella  called the  201...

Chloe and Bella 2014 Autumn Bouquet (Part 1) - Sunflower, Fall Dahlia, African Daisy Swatch and Review

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polishes were sent for review
Hi there!

Today I am sharing with you a relatively new collection from Chloe and Bella called the 2014 Autumn Bouquet. I was very excited when Barbara (owner of Chloe and Bella) approached me to review for her again (: 

In this post, I will share three of the six polishes from the collection, so do look out on my Instagram or my blog later for the second part! Without further ado, let's jump right into these glitters *winks*

First of all, SUNFLOWER.

(L: Under direct sunlight, R: Under artificial lighting)

Sunflower is a glitter topper in a clear base. The amount of glitter is so so so much! There are tiny yellow bits which I find really cute and also, there is small and medium sized yellow hexagons.

To add on, there are thin yellow bar glitters in a good amount on the nail (not too much) and medium sized cute round glitters! The best part is the small gold square glitters! I would say the gold glitters are the main star here!

Below is one, two and three coats on the nail itself (no top coat). As you can see by the second coat the coverage was already great!

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

The formula on Sunflower is problem-free, easy application with great quality. I love C&B's formula for glitter toppers ^^

And now adding some base colors! I chose a bright red Revlon - China Flower and  black a-Enlgland - Camelot on the ring finger. This is one coat of Sunflower (without top coat) of the respective colors. May I just say that the red and yellow combi just makes me happy?

(Under artificial lighting)

Here it is under the shining sun! The yellow glitters shone so bright and in the picture the gold squares look black which is really cool in a way cause it reminds me of the black center of the actual sunflower.

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

Next, we have FALL DAHLIA.

(L: Under direct sunlight, R: Under artificial lighting)

Fall Dahlia is another clear based glitter topper just like Sunflower. It has similar teeny tiny magenta and translucent white-grey glitters that somehow reminds me of seeds LOL.  There are small shiny purple and silver hex glitters along with a few yellow ones too. Here is Fall Dahlia on its own in one, two and three coats (no top coat) respectively.

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

The formula and application was good, some dabbing is needed however it is not like super a lot of dabbing which is totally fine. The coverage is again needless to say, look at how three coats covers the whole nail already, For a glitter topper it's great!

I paired Fall Dahlia with Barry M - Strawberry I/C, a sweet pink and black a-England - Camelot. The swatches are again one coat without top coat. I was happy I chose that sweet pink base cause it brings out the magenta glitters to life.

Even over black Fall Dahlia looks like a happily sophisticated polish, if you get what I mean hehe!

(Under artificial lighting)

Somehow under sunlight there is this soft feel like seen in the swatch below, so pretty *heart-shaped eyes*

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

Finally, introducing AFRICAN DAISY.

(L: Under direct sunlight, R: Under artificial lighting)

African Daisy is my favorite one out of this post! Also like the previous two polishes, it is a clear based glitter polish. It has the same type of tiny glitter in dark purple. Then there are almost translucent light purple hex glitters and some small yellow hex glitters too. And again my fav, small round purple-pink glitters *grin*

There are also the small gold square glitters like in Sunflower and interestingly some added black small hex glitters which shows dark green in some lighting.

Below is one, two and three coats (without top coat) on the nail itself.

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

African Daisy has great formula and easy application. I should just say that all the formula is awesome for all polishes in today's post! HAHA, no joke seriously!

For the sweet swatch, damn I love this one really. I used Barry M - Berry I/C a soft creamy lavender with pink undertones and black a-England - Camelot, I love love this I can't even!!!

I guess the pink round glitters and the Berry I/C goes so well like round candies in blueberry ice cream or something along those lines hehe! And and and, the gold sqaures! They look sexily cute too, if you get what I mean :P

(Outdoors, under sunlight)

Hope you have enjoyed this post and found it informative! I had so much fun swatching them! Remember I have three more polsihes to show you, so stay tuned!

Chloe and Bella ships worldwide and is 5-free (that means no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde,Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor)

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