items were sent for review Hello there readers~ This is a long overdue post, my apologies! Today, I have two nail art accessories fro... Nail Art plus Review

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items were sent for review
Hello there readers~

This is a long overdue post, my apologies! Today, I have two nail art accessories from borprettystore. I have done a few reviews of their products and you can read them HERE.

A quick summary of BPS: they provide worldwide shipping for free, yes totally free! Not to mention the wide array of nail art tools, nail polishes and etc. 

The products featured today are cute glitter pieces(pattern5#) and flowery water decal (pattern XF1287).

(1Box Mixed Nail Art Glitter Decoration Dazzling Colorful Mini Thin Paillette Design - Pattern 5#)

The glitter pattern 1 comes in a little container like most glitter do. There are medium sized dark pruple, bright blue and red hexagon pieces plus smaller hexagon pieces in green, pink and red.

(Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Pretty Pink Floral Pattern Sticker XF1287)

Now, I came up with a nail art that comprises of these two items and ta-da! Read on for the tutorial~

Prep your nails

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply two coats of a base color (I used Barry M - Berry I/C)
  3. Apply a top coat (I used Chloe and Bella Crystal Clear Top Coat)
  4. Let dry completeyly (I waited for 15 minutes)
Water Decal
  1. Pour some water into a cup
  2. Remove plastic sheet from the decal
  3. Cut out the designs you want to use
  4. Using a tweezer, submerge the whole image into the water for 20 seconds
  5. Place decal on your thumb and then using your pointer finger, slide the image off the white backing
  6. Dip your finger (the nail you want to apply decal to) into the cup
  7. Using a pair of tweezers, pick up the image and place it on your nail
  8. Adjust position if needed
  9. Dab water off using a piece of tissue or cloth
Glitter Placement
do this one nail at a time
  1. Pour some glitter on a piece of paper
  2. Drop some top coat on another piece of paper
  3. Apply top coat to the nail
  4. Using a very small dotting tool (or a toothpick) dip in the top coat on the paper, then pick up glitter pieces and place it on empty spaces on the nail
  5. Repeat for all the nails
  6. Apply another layer of top coat.
And you are done! Here is a macro shot:

I felt that the glitter are adorable, I especially love the color combination! They are event matte which is really cool! Cause usually glitters are all sparkly and glitzy, but this is something different. I thought that there should have been a bit more glitter pieces in the container considering it is USD$4.55. Otherwise, I do like this product!

As for the water decal, it is very simple to apply and use. There are even instructions at the back of the packaging which is really useful for first-time users. In addition, it is only USD$0.99 and there are so many flowers for you to use! You could have the flowers on a nail as an accent and it's totally up to you to freestyle!

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you around people~

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