item was sent for review It is  大年初一, meaning the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. Once again wishing all Chinese a prosperous ...

Happy CNY! Reverse stamping Qgirl-027 Negative Space Mani

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item was sent for review

It is  大年初一, meaning the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. Once again wishing all Chinese a prosperous new year!

So, of course I have to show you what I have on my nails right? *winks*

I think I am starting to like negative space hehehe! This look somehow gave me the feel that my nails are done with gel, idky but just the feel! I purposely chose these three colors because Chinese New Year is all about that red, gold and silver!

I am really into reverse stamping now as I find it interesting and fun to work with for nail art. Today I am sharing with you Bornprettystore's stamping plate Qgirl-027. I used one design on the plate as pointed out below.

How did I do it? Let me walk you through, it is rather simple!

Firstly, you've gotta never give up and start picking up the image from the plate. Using Konad's black stamping polish and an old card as a scraper, I got the image on the stamper. I used both my MoYou London and BPS stamper (two is way more efficient!). 

Let's get into the pictorial!!

1. Pick up image, as mentioned previously.
2. Fill in the center using OPI - DS Classic 031 using a small brush
3. Carefully fill in the petals using a red, I used Zoya - Kimber
4. Then color in a silver on the outer petal area, I used Sally Hansen - Celeb City
5. Let dry for 15 minutes then add a top coat over the whole image
6. Wait at least 30 minutes and then peel off the decal from the stamper

It is important that you wait a while after you stamp then to color in with polish. Try filling in colors in a stippling motion as we don't want to smudge any lines picked up by the stamper! If your polishes are not opaque, you may want to do a second layer of polish.

How do you apply this DIY decal to your nail??? Well, you just have to apply a top coat on the area you want to place it, wait out 10-15 seconds and then place it nicely using a pair of tweezers for precision. If there is any decal sticking out, you can first cut them off with scissors then using a clean up brush with remover to slowly take them off.

Now for the accent design! I did a simple single chevron using the above three colors in the reverse stamping. I also used single chevron NailVinlys which I got here. Follow my instructions below the pictorial to achieve the same look!

1. Paint on two coats of China Glaze - Fair Dust over your base coat and add a layer of top coat and let it dry for about 20 - 30 minutes (ensure that it is completely dry!)
2. Place first chevron near to the tip of the nail, just touching the white part (because I did not want my nails to be seen)
3. Then place the next chevron vinyl a little further down
4. Using a small brush, pick up OPI - DS Classic 031 and paint on the triangle nearer to the cuticle
5. Then using the same method, color in the second portion above with Zoya - Kimber
6. Quickly remove the vinyl between these two colors with a pair of tweezers 
7. Using the brush from the bottle, paint on the tip using Sally Hansen - Celeb City
8. Again, quickly remove the vinyl
9. Clean up using nail polish remover and a clean up brush if needed
I hope this was useful for you! Now let's enjoy some sparkly macro *cheeky face*

Ending this post with me posing with Hong Baos my parents gave me. (It took me so long to take this picture LOL)
What do you guys think of this manicure? I'd love to hear them hehe :)

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