Hello hello! It is... the 29th of July again! Well, what day is it? My second year on Instagram ( IG@nailsbykarise )!!! Can't believe...

Second Year Anniversary on Instagram

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Hello hello!
It is... the 29th of July again! Well, what day is it? My second year on Instagram (IG@nailsbykarise)!!! Can't believe it's been two years omg. It has been hella fun when I first found out this Insta nail world, so in love even now!

So to celebrate this day, I have done up a mani :) TA-DA!

On my index nail, I have on a simple nail polish bottles pattern. The base is OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls and the outlines of the bottles are done in black acrylic paint. I drew the outlines then filled in the bottles with nail polish colors listed here:

Kure Bazaar - Juicy
piCture pOlish - Pirouette
Barry M - Seaside
OPI - I Can't Cope-acabana
Essie - Navigate Her
OPI - DS Classic 031

Next, my middle nail had on some cute penmanship worksheet lines in light blue acrylic paint that I mixed on my own. I had two lines and in between a dashed line. I then wrote 'instagram' in cursive on the lines. FYI the background is none other than.... OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls (duh). Thought it would tie up nicely with my next design ;) 

I was inspired by JauntyJuli's tutorial which had a school notebook cover design that I thought was cute and easy to recreate. So I followed her steps and changed the title name to 'Yr 2'. As you can see the above lined penmanship paper went pretty well with the school notebook right? See what I did there hehe. I used two coats of LA Color - 63 for the base!

Lastly, on my pinky I did a splatter of the polishes used on my index (except I left out Kure Bazaar - Juicy). I used a straw and dipped into the polish bottle and used my mouth to blow air through the straw so that the paint can come out in a splatter. I had on a base of OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls before doing the design!

It has been a great two years and I am so looking forward to many more to come :D Sometimes I do admit that I felt like not doing nails anymore because I was busy and stuff. But well, I am still here, I guess this passion is really deep into me :')

Thank you, reader, whether you've been here long or this is your first time. It does mean a lot to me.

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  1. Congrats on 2 years! The mani is lovely especially the line paper and the notebook!