MAJULAH SINGAPURA! That means, Onward Singapore! I am so blessed and glad to be born and raised on the soils of this tiny red dot on th...

Singapore's Golden Jubilee #SG50 Collab

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That means, Onward Singapore! I am so blessed and glad to be born and raised on the soils of this tiny red dot on the humongous world map. 

Unlike any other National Day that I have experienced, this year is very very different. We are celebrating our nation's golden jubilee year, our 50th year of independence! The government has come up with so many events to bring about the #SG50 feels since the start of the year.

Indeed we are a very young nation, but we have achieved so much more in this short span of time that I am so very proud of! Now, enough of my rambling. I have done a collab with a few other Singaporean ladies and we did one just for the fun of celebrating our nation's birthday! I'll have the collage at the end of the post. Right now lemme share with you my manicure :D

The Singapore colors are red and white. I decided to use Dior - Femme-Fleur which is a gorgeous milky white with amazing flashes of pink shimmer and Zoya - Kimber a butiful red with gold flashes. 

I did chevron patterns on my pointer and baby fingers using Chevron Nail Vinyls. As for my middle and ring finger, I had on Kimber as the base and then using Sinful Colors - Snow Me White I drew a crescent moon on my middle finer and five stars on my ring finger. It reflects the Singapore flag. 

For the stars, I amended them by going back in with Zoya - Kimber and gave the stars a more pointy tips. And as mentioned earlier this year is the special year so I imitated the SG50 logo that the government have been using on my thumb.

I simply did it by drawing a huge circle using Zoya - Kimber and filling it in then waited for it to dry and drew on the SG50 with Snow Me White. No acrylic paints this time LOL! Here is another shot of my patriotic manicure ;)

Not to forget the macro shot! I wanted to show you guys the shimmers as much as I could through the photos... I'm sorry this was the best I could do T.T IRL the shimmers are so much more stronger!! I basically chose these two because of their strong shimmers :P But I'm gonna regret this decision when I take them off, my whole finger is gonna sparkle like no tomorrow!!

Anyway, here is the collage of the National Day collab I did! From top to bottom, left to right we have: @nailmachine, @meowsmani, @pobbynails, myself and @themanicuredmissy. Love how we all actually painted on the SG 50, which wasn't planned previously! 

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!!

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