Product was sent for review Hello my friends! Today I have something very special! I was given the opportunity by BornPrettyStore t... Floral water decal nail art tutorial

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Product was sent for review

Hello my friends! Today I have something very special! I was given the opportunity by BornPrettyStore to review a few of their products and today I am sharing with you a floral pattern water decal PLUS a nail art tutorial!

Firstly, I am reviewing the Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Fantastic Floral Pattern Sticker pattern SH10. I chose this pattern because I do like that soft look as seen below. 

I have mentioned BornPrettyStore (BPS) in my other posts before and for some of you that didn't know, BPS gives free worldwide shipping and affordable/lower prices on a whole range of nail polishes to tools and other stuffs like accessories. BPS ships from Hong Kong, as I am in Singapore it takes an average of two weeks to reach me. Alright, enough of intro, let's get started with the tutorial!

Let's take a look at what we're going to do today. Here's the finished look of my manicure and what you could easily do with the water decal. 

First off, start with a base coat and then apply two coats of a nude polish. I chose Butter London's Cuppa as it is such a soft shade and would go well of the soft floral patterns too. Then, remove the protective plastic from the decal.

Next, roughly make some markings to indicate the length of your nail and the cut out a triangle shape. If you're unsure about what I mean, do take a look at my YouTube video embedded below (: Then simply dip the decal using a tweezer into water and wait 20 seconds.

After that, carefully place it on your pointer finger and slide the decal out using your thumb. Before placing the decal, wet the nail you want to place the decal on. Take the decal using a tweezer and place the triangle cut-out onto your nail. You can also wet your other fingers so that you can easily adjust the position of the decal.

You may encounter a problem when your decal is over your cuticles (especially your pinky as it is smaller). Not to worry, I got this covered for you. Apply a top coat over your nail, despite the decal over your cuticles - just trust me on this one. Let the top coat dry.

Lastly, go back in with a brush with nail polish remover and remove the excess decal over the cuticles and clean around them too. And, ta-daa!

As always, here's the video tutorial! Please do subsrcribe, comment, like and share!

Now, talking about product. The decal is 5.5cm and 6.5cm in size, it seemed like a small patch of floral design (as you can see in the video). I am doubtful if one piece is able to use for all 10 nails fully.

However, I feel that it is better used as a part of a nail art. Like what I have done above, the soft pattern did bring out the life of a nude polish. Plus, I love the subtle colors of the print and details too. The water decal also allows you to choose which part of the pattern you want on your nail. It also very versatile as you can decide to do whatever design you want! From stripes, to wavy lines, to different shapes. The sky's the limit!

The decal was super easy to use. I would definitely recommend beginners to try water decals like this as it is simple and fast. Hassle free (:

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