Polish was sent for review Hi guys! Today I have a swatch and review of another indie brand from the Netherlands, Paws by Eddie . I was...

Paws By Eddie - Doctor With A Temper Swatch and Review

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Polish was sent for review

Hi guys! Today I have a swatch and review of another indie brand from the Netherlands, Paws by Eddie. I was given to try two polishes and this is the first one, so stay tuned for the second polish *wink wink* Today the nail polish I'm reviewing is Doctor With A Temper (DWAT) from the Marvel Collection.

So guess who's the Doctor With A Temper? That's right it's...

With the inspiration in mind, let's move on! DWAT is a rally soft linear holographic dusty green that really does remind me of Hulk. I felt all hulk-ish when I was applying it to my nails HAHA! 

Before we get to the swatches, I would like to talk about Paws By Eddie's packaging. I received the package through my mailbox and the package is a neat white little box all nicely sealed. I was impressed because I rarely see nail polishes sent in a cute small box! And the bubble wrap that was used were stick to the bottom of the box. All in all it was compact and well protected *thumbs up*! To add on to the package, there was a paper with all the information on how to use glitter polishes, techniques and other tips and tricks. I think it is really good especially if the person is new to nail polishes.

And so let's continue~

Let's start with bottle shots! I received this in a mini bottle and what was most unique was the cute kitty pendant with the heart in the center painted with the polish! I mean how cool and cute is that? It's like they did a little swatch for you already!

(Outdoors in shade)

To show you the holo goodness, here is another close up bottle shot under artificial lighting. The holos here are really very very fine and subtle. You'll see what I mean when you scroll further down this post (:

(Under artificial lighting)

Application of DWAT is perfect, smooth and easy. I really love the formula, one of the easiest I have worked with. The coverage is great too! Two easy coats and it was all done! Below includes a top coat using G&G's HK Girl top coat.

(Under artificial lighting)

As mentioned above, the holo qualities of DWAT is very very very subtle. The holo effect shows mainly light green, blue and touches of red. From a reading distance, my nails seem as if they have a light green cream polish on. You could only really see the fine holos when you put your nails nearer to you. Also, I do realise that this polish does show a bit of your nail ridges but that I find is not very obvious.

I do not mind that the holo effect is not like WOW in your face type because thinking about Hulk with bling does not make sense too right? So I guess that this polish does represent it's inspiration very well and I like it that way too (:

To end off this post, here is a close up shot of Doctor With A Temper.

(Under artificial lighting)

Paws By Eddie's nail polishes are vegan, 5-free and cruelty free. They also do ship internationally (yay)!!

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