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Jior Couture Crystal (nail) Gems Collection - Rainbow Quartz, Stevvonie, Unknown Swatch & Review

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item was sent for review
Hola there!

I am back with a few swatches to share with you, so stay tuned for more polishes up on the blog! The brand I am showing you is Jior Couture. I am very pleased to have the change to swatch for them yet again! (Click here to see my other reviews).

In today's post, I present to you 3 of the 5 polishes from Crystal (nail) Gems Part IV Complete Set. First off, let's take a look at RAINBOW QUARTZ!

This is a sheer pinky base polish, with silvery small flakies and serious holographic tiny bar glitters. My swatches (all 3 polishes) are four coats, yes FOUR. Honestly you could do away with three for all the polishes, it's just that for swatch purposes I thought four would look better.

The reflective-ness of the silver flakies distracts you from your surroundings to just look at your nails. I mean, just look at the photo below and you know what I mean :P

Here's some bonus macro shot for you! 

The application was  not difficult, however I do recommend that you do thin coats instead of thicker ones. It does help to speed up the drying time if you use thinner coats!

Also, all swatches are topped off with Jior Couture - Cover Me Smooth top coat. It has that nice finish, a cross between glossy and velvety. But not too velvety! I did not leave this manicure on for long to be able to do a wear test for this top coat. Maybe one day I should do this test!

I sure do think that Rainbow Quartz is the perfect name for this polish as it does give off holographic rainbow-y reflections and it does look like a gem in some angles!

Alrighty, next up we have UNKNOWN. What a mysterious name eh? But looking at the polish, I can understand why!

Unknown is packed with a bunch of micro glitters, black, teal, purple and with a touch of holographic to them. This combination of colors does make the polish so mysterious and dark, kudos for such an apt name!

These dried down more gritty than the other polishes and I used two coats of Cover Me Smooth instead. Here you can see the close up macro shot, what a lovely sight!

Lastly we have Stevvonie. I saved the best for the last. I'll just put it out there and say that I love this one the most out of the three, even though when I looked at the bottle I wasn't at all excited. BUT, looking at the bottle shot below, I would have taken back my words :P

This polish is rather interesting and unique. It has a sheer somewhat blue-ish gray base with a ton of micro-glitters. There's this shift in the blue-ish gray base that I mentioned, in some lighting it's gray, then it becomes blurple and then I see navy with flashes of green. It's just so interesting! I literally stared at my nails and moving them in different angles under different lighting.

And alas the macro shot of Jior Couture "Stevvonie". I must say that this polish had the glitters lay pretty flat out of the three that I have swatched. Again. I do recommend doing thin layers for all the polishes that I reviewed here. 

So, what do you think of this few polishes? Are you so gonna grab Stevvonie? Let me know which of these three are your favs in the comments!

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