item was sent for review Hello all! Today I have a REVIEW! Yes, I have not done one in ages ... I know. It is the  XL Clear Marshmal...

BornPrettyStore XL Clear Stamper Review & Nail Art Tutorial

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item was sent for review

Hello all! Today I have a REVIEW! Yes, I have not done one in ages... I know. It is the XL Clear Marshmallow Silicone Jelly Stamper that comes with a cap and a scraper. It's US$3.59 and I must say it would be a good investment if you are starting out! This stamper requires no priming at all, that's such a bonus!!

You can see how well the image is picked up from the stamping plate. I used BP48 plate also from BornPrettyStore and Konad white stamping polish. This was how the image is like on the stamper. Crisp nice lines :)

I decided to come up with this manicre, using all blue polishes hehe! I painted my pointer and pinky with a minty color base using Paul & Joe "12". Because this stamper is clear and see-through, it is much easier to place the top part of the design at the bottom of my nail near the cuticle.

For my accent nails, I had on a white base and then using three shades of blue I created a gradient. I used Formula X "Omni", Model's Own "Beth's Blue" and Paul & Joe "12". Instead of using traditional sponging gradient, I put the colors down on the nail and then used a fan brush to blend the colors together. 

After letting it dry, I stamped on the full design on my nail, aligning the design nicely. It is really helpful that you can see it through and ensure your placements are perfect. See the macro shot below!

 If words don't fit you, here is a video tutorial! And yes, it's a YOUTUBE video, I haven't made on in donkey years haha! See it below now :D

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